Five Exceptional Dubai Experiences

A few years ago, Dubai was a sleepy fishing village. Today, however, it’s a major financial center as well as one of the wealthiest cities on Earth. It’s also developed into an attraction for tourists who want to see how the city pairs traditional Arabic architecture and modern construction. Among the most popular ways to experience the city is through a Dubai all inclusive package. If these experiences aren’t included in your trip, you may want to schedule time to see them on your own.

1 . Dubai’s Beaches

You may very well have access to the beach and the gorgeous water as a part of an all inclusive vacation, especially if you are staying in one of Dubai’s more exclusive resorts. In case your hotel doesn’t feature a private beach, you can use Open Beach, which offers the same white sand and calming waters. Some residents call this Russian Beach, and it is indeed especially popular with Russian tourists. It may be crowded, and finding a sunbed during peak hours can be a chore, however. Umm Suqeim is another public beach. This one is popular for its view of Burj Al Arab, amongst the most lavish hotels in the world.

2 . Burj Khalifa

Your all inclusive Dubai vacation probably already includes a trip to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. From the building’s observation deck, it is possible to over look the stunning city. As well as visiting the towering skyscraper, you should consider taking a look at the building from the outside. The best way is to check out the bar at The Address, a hotel just on the other side of Burj Khalifa Lake. From the window of this cocktail bar, you’ll find both mind-blowing views of the towering wonder and a unique vantage point for the dancing fountains below.

3 . The Desert

Your Dubai all inclusive holidays may include the price of an overnight desert safari, but most do not. While camping is a popular option, you can choose to be in an air-conditioned hotel room instead. If you’re not the outdoors type, the cost to stay in one of the Arabian desert retreats outside Dubai is truly worth it. Safaris usually include off-road riding on the dunes and camel rides. Quite a few also add in Arabian feasts, belly dancing and other traditional cultural experiences.

4 . Take a Look From the Air

After you’ve seen Dubai from street level, take to the air to get a bird’s eye view as well. You have a choice of flight tour companies. Some use seaplanes while others use helicopters for their tours. The preference is up to you, unless a trip is already included in your Dubai all inclusive getaway. You’ll spot gleaming white sand of Duabi’s beaches, the aquamarine Arabian Sea, and the skyscrapers of the city center. Your tour guide will point out Burj Al Arab and The Palms and The World, and may even give you a better look at Burj Khalifa’s pinnacle.

5. Deira Souqs

On the Deira side of Dubai are the Deira Souqs, traditional market squares. If you want a true Arabian experience, hire one of the small wooden abra boats across the creek to Deira. Just across the waterway from the bustling city center, there are a number of street markets, each featuring dozens of vendors. There are markets for almost anything you can imagine, from jewelry and gold to spices to textiles and tapestries. The most famous of these souqs is the gold souq. While gold isn’t as sought after in Dubai as it used to be, you can still find hundreds of vendors selling jewelry in this souq.

All inclusive Dubai holidays let you experience all the city offers without stressing over the planning of your itinerary. It’s also a great way to win the best price on accommodations, meals and the most popular sights. In order to see the best of the city, we’d recommend checking out some of the five experiences on this list. If they are included in your Dubai all inclusive trip, even better.

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